Source: Commit

lean on your broads, shirts on sleeves

breathe the smoke, mounting on the walls

then, comes off the ceiling and

your laugh falls off

banging on the marbles

I’ll walk on my heels

sure, I trip over your sleeve

straight face I pull off on a chair with you

still, your smoke rolls off down

I lean on your broads





mama must be amazed by the patterns sealed in her heirs Playing is in their genes yeah! champ fight over it. whose side I am hooting for?? Show is over, curtains are dragged down! meows

Lantern, Glasses, Shoe

via Daily Prompt: Distant

On a dark side, I’ll leave my shoe and walk barefoot. lantern asked me to borrow a shoe I have been lisping off. I’m always served to put out the glasses it heads in. it says that glasses are the remnant of what it had lost in shades. it only remember the tales of dark shades, I loathe.

when it tries on my shoes, it wanders and ask everyone around. It dances around. I wonder how the other audiences  greet the shoe that I have left marks on. They grin. A second and it poof to the woods. As I try to chase, Glasses that he talks about roars on my feet.  (more…)


via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

a bulb

i cant blow away

it doesn’t even fling like you do

a lighter

i can make some noise

it stumbles on the feet like I do

a candle

we will melt our room to the roads

where we can stray

I’ll cream the ice

you will wine on dine

we’ll shine like dime

but you got your house

I got my room

we’ll rarely see the moon

on that tainted glasses

meows do stray

you got an ashtray