I’m Not A People Pleaser Anymore

Why won’t you blurt out? You aren’t a saint!”

“I can’t, I am a people pleaser. So I won’t let you flow and spat you right into his face”

“You are a coward, whatever; you have killed my mood. Every night you vent it on me, and I can’t get a sound sleep, thanks to you.”

Why do my inner-self loathe the way I act as if nothing is scant when he assigned me his ‘proposal writing.’ Argh! I couldn’t tell him about the classwork that I left after my cousin held me in her emergency call. I lend her a bike key. She would be on a date, while I would be on my foot to the bus stop.

(What follows next..please click on this original short story about a people pleaser)

Wrong Turn Love

If something is wrecked in ruins

You are instructed to gag them on trash can

Yet I picked him up and zipped on a warm pocket

He turned out like his father- hot and cold lad

He didn’t shave, grew up his beard

The closer resemblance when I looked in his eyes

Crooked and slanted

Will he come across the fortune of his dad?

He asked me how I baked a homemade cookie for his dad

I never did, we didn’t raise a microwave together

I didn’t dare to tell him that his dad left one of his shoes

And the other ones-most probably in the same ruins

If My Venoms Work With Him

His nails shortened unlike me

His hands bear red moon scratches unlike me

He humps, coils around and dozes off under own warmth

I guess I am cold like a vampire

So he has been searching for my fangs

And I couldn’t tell him, they lie beneath me

Every time I held my front upright

Those fangs stink my back


His smile dwindles unlike me

His face is vacant unlike me

He pushes, drills down his head under the pillow

I guess I haven’t latched the door yet

So, he has been searching for a doorway

And I couldn’t tell him, they don’t exist

If I did, he shall conceal my shoes

so that I wouldn’t chase to him

Little does he know, I am used to bare feet!



My Leftover Cookies


I forgot buttoning up your disclosures

as I ran on those crunched hurdles

If only you had cupped off your hands

I could have swept off the crumbled shatters

and placed it on the vacant thrones

But, they aren’t used to embracing pieces

they are always into plushes

You and I have empty pockets

And the jar has leftover cookies

what shall we had tomorrow mornings

if the jar secured saturated airbags

it’s the only nose, weak in knees

other, evenings, we had drumming bellies

They shall dance to our rhythms

Because, they had always been the mockery nuggets


Travel Diaries: Chapter 3

Winter charms had been hitting at the Kathmandu. So, we graced something warm across the hill of Jorpati, Krishna Mandir (Temple), only one of us had heard of.  The faint sunlight followed us on the graveled roads along the Gothatar. And the edges drew the lines of houses when we drove toward the destination.

As per the instruction of pedestrian, we led to the holy grail of Krishna, eventually. It’s where he dwells in tranquility. So exquisite and enthralling at the same time.


When the halo of beauty coincides the ancient tales, the duo retains cultural doctrines among the devotees. 


If the dark shade invades in, we are gearing our luminescence, in case. (PS: Taking photographs inside the temple is prohibited)


I am a chocolate dipped in the illustrator’s hemisphere. Their pupils dilate, as I boast my embroideries here. ” It does suit me, doesn’t it?” I ask them every time. 

Picture Credit: Someone who secures his grin all the time after pulling my leg and is familiar with the sense of photography than me.




mama must be amazed by the patterns sealed in her heirs


Playing is in their genes


yeah! champ fight over it. whose side I am hooting for??


Show is over, curtains are dragged down! meows

“What?” Their reaction though;


1: Shall we draw a curtain?

2: nah! that look is enough

1: Am I scary? are you telling me that I look scary? huh?

2: No..No! I meant You act well. you are pretending to be scary. And we have scared her though.

1: Do you know what? you should stop an act like human. Do not flatter me. Once, they butter their innocence, you shall glide your blackey wings on the blues.

Because He says I stink

And the tarts continued to scatter
one, on the right corner
where, I had plucked up thorns
mustered up earthy lime
nailed down my own beat
if it drummed again
I swore to revive
but it sloped on the next corner

next, on the left corner
lights flickered upon
I can’t recall what is tucked up there
I can smell the leftover vows
stinking at its best
must fetch on the beat
and tally up within me

Almost obtuse sight
heard a right and left corner high fives
I pinned down luck on the palm
flipped it over leftovers
and I found my beat overlapped
within the ruins of thorns
I thought I puked it in trash
leaped under the skin
jolted down the thoughts
I’m still a partner with leftovers vows

because he says I stink

If I Smile Like An Idiot…. Will You Know It?

On the boxes of solemn lyrics

I need to halt that beating set

what if he hums my old la la la

and my beat slips out of the rhythm?

Next morning, I could pretend 

doze off silently on his arm pillow

clutch the freaking heart with the palm

and bribe it for the smile that I saved the last night


Once, they accused me of the tragic ending

whether I have been through

But, Trust me, I am twist-teller

I can thrive your lies and retell on your best

Now, he knows of the metaphor 

I have pickpocketed from his zipped drums

Oh! I must have been cautious

all those years where I dug and eclipsed it


Thus, he brags on my chin, lifting it

I can sniff on the breakfast that he just devoured

and I skipped for the saturated thumps I had

A while, on the crossed breath

I blame it on the air we exchanged

He chuckles on the reason I poured out,

then says,

If I Smile Like An Idiot, Will You Know It?

From The Whisper Of Street

Yesterday we were diving in liquor.. humming ‘drunk in love’
You drew white circle and named it moon for me
When u sipped your last drop..I fell for your Adam’s Apple

The glasses we used to drank is broken
I glued it, taped it..still scars there’s been

You got the new glasses from market
I heard from the whisper of the street
As I wait with my high heels on
She snaps a peck on yours of tons
As I heard from whisper of street


Shards of Trust

Empty vessels
I cough hard in smoldering echoes
it pays me back
with a service charge
and a heart beat splaterrs
highlighting news
I’ve been deceived
though i borrowed
a stone from your heart



You look like your Dad 4

His slanted eyes piercing into my new saggy coat, unlike your dad’s old hag coat” she prickled beneath his eyes “ those eyes, why do you have to inherit those eyes” she crippled into her tears.

He never thought the sight of his eyes being sliding down beneath her mother’s eye.  He took a circular mirror “ do my eyes resemble my dad?” He could see those eyes sloping down a hill like he used to.

He mended up the flesh of the side ” Oh! its perfect

She was still crippling  on her nails and tears. So, he couldn’t pat on her back.

He packed back that fish into his trouser and ran back to straight lane. “ I should not take that sloping hills“. He stopped at a friends door and knocked it. As soon as he heard the noises made by latches he breathed in a voice ” Take this fish and give me your tape

“What for?”

“I must not look like my dad”

“Huh? I can’t understand a thing. Anyways, this fish might serve our dine.”

He gave in the fish and ringed in the tape. He widened his grin, cutting off the length of tape and sticking upwardly each on side of eyes. His friend bombarded ingested air into his face ” wh-at have you done?

“It does not matter how do I look but I must not look like my Dad.”


He is on a tree side.

I wake up in between the woods.  You are on the tree side. I think I ate half of the greens. Why I am on the woods who have stopped wearing green clothes? Do the woods response?

I need something that covers above my head. May be a roof tiled squarely, infinitely. But you are on a tree side. I know you would say ” On your birthday, I purposely didn’t piled up a cream and left the unfinished recipe out there. They said it was going to snow fall. I would love that snowy cream there”

But it was my birthday”  I ate flour, egg and sugar that day while he waited for the sky.

And when it rains, it will shower us. I am having thoughts like you do.

We left our house because he decided to breathe in the natural canvas. In short, he is on the tree side. we were bare hand but he carried those woods along his way.

do you know? why I brought these woods?

I waved my head side to side

Pluck those bushes off, I’ll make a tree for us. This wood and those bushes, I’ll clip it together”

you are trying to confiscate their homeland for stupid man made tree. can I even call it a tree? Are you even on a tree side?”



You look like your Dad 3

My father must have been too old to get on the carousel.” He blabbered throughout the way. He picked up the pebbles on his shirt and on the open side of his trousers. ” I must make that old hag coat heavier so that Mom wouldn’t have any strength to dash it out. If I look like my dad, I must protect it” 

He stopped at a sight where a man was standing between two buckets. ” If I could borrow that buckets, my old hag coat is rescued”  A Man on his beard was setting a trap with a thousands of knots and the bucket was an end zone for the breathless fishes. “ oh! the little guy, do want these salvation on your hunger, pay me a bucks then

What is a bucks? Is it another form of buckets, where the fishes have been killed?”

“A bucks where a greed drools, a paper made bucks! Are you hiding there oh boy?”

That one!” he screamed “ the one my friend brags about” He emptied his pocket and the pebbles showered out. “ I don’t even owe a cent. I am in need of that bucket. Two full buckets of pebbles and my mom would not get rid off of old hag coat”

” bucket, an old hag coat, mom” his beard stammered. ” Take a fish instead, boy”

He locked in that fish inside his pocket and ran off to the door, he slammed before.

she loves grilled fish. my dad used to bring grilled fishes for dinner. my nanny told me

Mom! look what have I brought?” he raised the breathless fish higher and banged on the delicate roof.

She grinned and came closer to his son “ Choke me with a raw fish, will you?

“I am gonna grill it mom, you will love it”

” you are Continuing (Daily Post) to look like your dad”

MOM! stop it. I’m tired of hearing the same words” he hiccuped his tears into the floor.

Those same non guilty eyes I loathe the most” her nails prickled beneath his eyes





Peeling a Potato

A potato on four axes does its morning push ups. I am keen to chop off the vertex and make it into octagon. Now I need to seize the geometry box of my brother. This way I can divide the equal radius through compass. Hence a diameter shines off from not even a squared potato and not even a octagon sized potato.

A small circular potato rolls off in the chopping board. Perhaps my family had boasted my culinary skills. They would be happy to see a perfectly circled potato. let those remaining ones are ignored.

A singular circular potato. I wonder if it serves the number of family at dine. I still wonder how would J shaped stomach rents out that potato I have slashed in circle?

9:00 pm

I am blunt dead with a one circled potato still in front of chopping board

I know they will peel me off for vacant dine I chopped off

You look like your dad; 2

you look like your dad: 1

My dad must have been bad” he slams his word and the door shut down. She takes a corner and rest in it.

He walks down the lane of an old man tale where he can find a clue of his old hag coat. An old man is in awe of smoke. The breeze softens and he whims ” Go away! I can’t tell you more. Damn! I can’t have a sight of you.”

Because I do paste around his face” He literally shivers on his knees.” you don’t know him and you can’t dare to blame me that i look like him“. he reddens and blues to the scream.

“You are a brat, aren’t you? I have a dare to announce that you look like your dad. I can make tales and whip that around thousand houses you have not known off. Shoo! Shoo! Bratty limp” He is in awe of smoke again.

He balls his hand and runs off to the playground. ” I am in a wrong place. They won’t let me off because I have none with me. My mom is with her nails and my Father- I don’t know?”

He looks at the Carousel (Daily prompt) 

Do you want a ride kiddo? TICKET??”

He cloaks his tongue

I loathe my job, Okay! whom are you with?”

my dad”

“so, where is he”

He points at himself “They say I do resemble my father, Can’t I be a Dad for myself ?”

On Sunday Sun:Morning Story


Comrades! Jab on the right, then to the left. Our Mom is Missing


I demand EXECUTE 


Mom, enough with your ploy!

A white flag on our back

You have got that upper hand


Lord! they gonna cease my hidden place

where my patterns are laid

P.S: I adore my kids


Anyways, Toddlers are on their way to Mom Hive

Mom! screeched those ears


This cave is too small for you kiddos


I shall track my ploy on

This way, they can beat on tricksters



My anime love; Chapter 1

At the age of nine I had a schedule for Powerpuff girls, Dexter’s labaratory, Johnny bravo like a Boss.

Somehow, I plunged in for Dragon Balls. I would finish my homework and wait for it. ( well, I was a good student). I dreamed of accompanying Goku to fetch for seven dragon balls.

download (1)

Until then, I didn’t knew what an anime meant. But I patrolled my cartoon elements and anime vibes very differently. I knew they were different.



Baka and test is my first subbed anime. Its hilarious and adorable at the same time. How can one be the ultimate baka ( an Idiot )  15078332d34326a940fa6842b422f705--baka-and-test-anime-manga.jpgWhen he has only the half of the pennies, he demand to purchase the same half  

of the blue stuffed toy. 

No wonders why, an imagination ceases when attack on titan brings up an action. A giant figure disfiguring and gulping down the human creatures. That’s not fair

download (2)

perhaps, Captain levi is on his way  images (2).jpg

A normal romance is like:


An anime reverse its magnet and showcase a complex romance, making it a lovely complex. tkfleipdq2vjjoyo2slvdvb65gx3na3f_hq.jpg

Otani struggles inferiority complex of height differences with his tall girlfriend. Riza successfully consoles him that they are no better without each other.


Tokyo Ghoul  is an extremities of human horror. Kaneki was upright about compliance of ghoul parasite in humans. When both creatures have extreme desire on their existence, he can neither blame on both.



Even ghouls are super hot.

Before bidding goodbye my otaku! I have something to tell you about my anime crush. Do you wanna have a look at him. Wait.

well, don’t wait!


Name him below the comment box.

In real, these guys would be dreadful. Image a guy with colored hair and big eyes. so unreal but we still love them to the core.





Why don’t you tie on your own?

Trim the bushes

My trees are way too high

For falling on your unlaced shoe

You won’t tie

I’ll lose my grip

You’ll cross too hard on that chip

I can’t stand and make a knot

Thus, my knees bow

And I do tangle your laces

Then you arch your grin

I loss on soil

My trees are way too high

Can’t climb

While you extinct on trimmed bushes

I can’t figure you out on your smokes

.foggy: Daily prompt

You look like your Dad

Mom! That old hag coat is protruding. Have you seen that?

Mom! Mamma! Mamma! Mom!” He lets out a big sigh

“Why do you resemble your Father” She adds another sigh and the entire house dance on the silence. She taps on the wooden floor, pokes the pocket of old hag coat.“Nothing” Temporary air escape immediately as it has been caught for trespassing.

“I thought you had choked the money on there. I was dreaming to be served at that fancy restaurant my friend brag about” He cries out the ceiling. ” Why don’t you clutch me and choke me to the death” She paints the wood with her nails

“I don’t have nail like yours” he watches the wood.

Borrow mine”

“Is that Possible?

Mom! Let me grow my nails each months passes by. I’ll stitch the cents in there, on my nails and nudge that pocket with it. So, don’t throw my old hag. If I look like him, why don’t you owe me like you should. You loved Dad. Nanny told me

“Because, You look like your Dad” She rolled as tears on the peak of her nose

Substandard; Daily Prompt









On a Century bay

Heaps of Thanks! for the wonderful followers.  TiTaNiUm – First to congratulate me for the 100 followers. He immunizes the wise stuff in his site. So, He is surely a Titanium.

I don’t mind if you add zeros behind or adore suffixes even in the numerical. If you procure a prefixes on market, I have a glue to adhere a foremost figures. Well, we have a solution for each.

I have saved up these eye-catchy feels somewhere in between the realms of internet. A small imagery present on your screen;;




Cheers! to 100

Bottom to Top; I’m yours?

On that cloudy shower, you stuck lad

your shoe fell in love while your foot claps with mud

barefooted guy on a lane that’s never straight

I’m on the edge of  jeans, please fall for me at the first sight


wooden bench, there you go

are you setting a date on umbrella tree

I need to suspend and roll over sitting knees

if he stands, I am dead spat on the brownies

Whoa! I must have incarnated as Olympic ace

now I’m lodging on your broad grace

I sniff on your grimace wrapped up in a hair

sweat perpendicular to the drops of rain

resembles a hiding cave at uninviting mass

Can I blow my breeze to shine you up?

Do not stood me up, I’ll fall mercilessly


oh! my back hurts.

and he has gone

swirling from bottom to top

I’m yours?

Everybody doubt that

because I am a Pest ( Daily prompt)












Unique Blogger Award

Thank you! A Liker of Things for nominating me into unique Blogger award. Its my second nomination and I’m flying to the second floor 😀  I had always loved your musical ride from Coldplay to I was Forced to see Justin Bieber Live.

The rules are as follows:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.

And I have been asked for;

1.Who is your favorite author?

I am into classics. Nikolai Ostrovsky, a Russian Novelist made me fall for the protagonist Pavel Korchagin. I loved him all along my teens.

2. Would you rather be able to read minds, or control emotions?

I would rather choose reading minds. I know that most of us are trashed within negativity.  If I had something to do with reading minds, I would enumerate the probability of positivity against negativity. I love Maths.

For emotion, feel free to cry and smile in between

3. What advice would you give a new blogger?

Be Patience. There is an admirer and stalker for your blogs.

Here’s my question for the nominees:

  1. Do you believe in Parallel worlds?
  2. What inspire you the most, when you bounce back into the realm of sadness?
  3. jot down your favorite lyrics

My nomination for the unique Blogger Award are as follows:


He is amazingly unique. He can write about anything, does not even spare the ping-pong ball.

The Shining Gem

When you check this blog, your conscious will hover around the intellects. Explore on the reincarnation, globalization, investment, euthanasia.


Watch her on you tube guys! you will love her. I have been on her blog party, drooling over the yummies she organizes.


Catch his writing on friendship. He is outstanding there.


Everything is here; gaming, wrestlers, poems, reviews


He has crafted his adventures in Finding myself S01. Grab all the episode before it’s too late


poems, poems and poems! Enriched with poems. leave the jewels and loot for the poems

Ricardo Sexton

Scratch your head and interpret the metaphors. Metaphors are like puzzle and he welcomes every reader for it.

Good day guys! I am anticipating your answers.

Foreign Movies on bling

Have you ever paused your remote on movies of different aura? They have been a different faces, we do not note in our locals. So, they speak different. We do not understand. Those English subbed bold letters deviate their moves, dialect and diversities. I a kind of drawn to indifferent culture on-screen.

And I’m still careful with spoilers 🙂

Pedar ( An Iranian Movie)

Genre: Drama


A fourteen year boy is in trouble to accept his stepfather. However, the desert vows to end an obvious hate feelings of a boy towards his pedar (father).

An Iranian movie capture the artistic challenges to the heart. They are nonchalantly beautiful.

Issiz Adam (Turkish Movie:Alone)

Genre: Romance, Drama


Opposite attracts. Alper and Ada are enchantingly in love. Alper, a free-spirited guy feels himself chained in commitment.

It is a realistically whined movie beyond sacrifices, an anguish and mutual agreement that exist between beloved ones.

Machuca (Chilean movie)



Friendship between the two boys is experimented throughout the political fluctuation and class disparity.

Watch out this movie for innocence of the two boys being driven by political turbulence; how the affluent clothes proves the high-class and low-class among society.

The bicycle Thief ( Italian Movie)

Genre: Drama, Slice of life


A simplicity touches the heart. A complexities ploys with the mind.

It’s an black and white movie that pictures the fight of a poor father to secure his poor family through the Bicycle job. Unfortunately, it gets stolen amidst the cruel society. His son Bruno fidgets within the powerless father among the crowd.



Priceless (French Movie)

Genre: Romance


When you don’t have pennies left, seduce a well-off partners. In short, be a gold digger.

Priceless plots the two main character without any cent in their pockets and love fleeing and staying at their knees despite the gold they had dug.



 I nodded within his warmth

I walk fast” He stroked and striped his long legs on each small partition of pavement. “so, walk with me” he gazed at me. oh! I must run like National athlete. I ran with him. I must have lost our keys while hopping along him. our house were against us. We slept at the basement that night.

I can’t sleep“He flipped the pages of walls again and again. So, we stalked the cockroaches that night. “I tried licensing for the cannon to shoot out their dynasty” I sniped at his back. His chuckling vibrated in the spine. I wish I could see his face. I am used to his cold beard.

Finally,  I saw his beard hung down and his lips divorced within the vacant hallow. He hid me in his sweaty chest and bated;

I’ll earn a ton and gift you a cannon. Kill all those cockroaches for me

 I nodded within his warmth.


7 Rom-Com Korean Drama to fill up this summer (for Beginners)

Once my friend handed me a CD of Korean Drama Full House and warned to return it after 7 days. It was of 16 episode. How can i finish it by the next week?

And overnight I watched 6 episodes consecutively. I was hooked. other day, I would finish all the chores detained to me and watch for the remaining.I wanted to affix the mysteries of web around each episodes.Drama Marathon completed within the three days but I had no intention to give back it immediately. Unfortunately, my intention were revealed and no other choice stood up for me. Poor aleashaa!

Here are the seven list of romantic comedy Kdramas for this summer. It was really hard for me to choose exceptionally best among the best. yeah! I believe that some of the dramas have missed the list.

P.S- I’m careful of spoilers 🙂


7. Baby Face Beauty


Lee so young has baby face as luck enhancer. No one would believe her actual age. The world is harsh. They only hire young ones. The plot unfolds as 34 year old lee so young bangs on the fashion industry with fake identity and fall for 7 year younger Choi jin wook.

They are inevitably cute from jabbering couple to the acceptance that kiss from 7 year younger guy is valid

6. Dream High

1soage (1).gif

Six dreamers end up getting admitted in the musical affiliated high school. They get entangled on their priorities, rivalries, inferiority intertwined between the amusing feelings.

You will never get to know the lead actor hitting the success bash of love till the final episode. Get yourself busy on guessing whom the rude girl may end up.

5. The Greatest love


Entertainment Industry are literally pro in directing the fake love stories among celebs.  Dok ko jin, a renowned action star of Korea falls helplessly for infamous girl group member Gu Ae jung.

I am completely in awe of Dok Ko Jin. He savors the potatoes, struck with the line Ding dong, herbal tonic infected panty, and amusingly annoying signature on hand of Gu Ae jung and her scarf.  Watch out his hilarious act

4. A Gentlemen’s Dignity


Four Men relish their friendship even in their forties. Age is just a number and they are not matured yet. They get stumble on their love life, crushed within the one sided love of Kim Do Jin; Baited life of Choi Yoon; Im Tae San dealing with his difficult girlfriend and binding trust issues between lee Jung Rok and his affluent wife.

You will unravel their friendship throughout the teens, how they stood for each other in good and bad times.

3. Jealousy Incarnate

1soaw8 (1).gif

What happens when a long term crush do not deviate those crush back all those years? In addition, that crush of Pyo Na Ri is an arrogant brat. On that surplus again, lee Hwa Shin who is an arrogant brat has his best friend Go Jung Won romantically interested in Pyo Na Ri. This changes the entire scenario of the crush feeling getting crushed.

Hoot for either self conceited Hwa Shin or the Perfect guy Jung Won. Jealousy is on its own way.

 2. My girlfriend is a Gumiho


Rumor has it; Gumiho aka nine tailed fox resides as a parasite in Human liver. Is it true? On 21st century, she is mostly fond of beef, chicken and fizzy soda, while Cha Dae Woong has guarded his human body in mentally metal suit. Mi ho and Dae Woong travels along the mythical journey of love.

“Hoi Hoi” This technical line started the companionship between two of them. Our Mi ho is unprecedentedly  attracting as a fox, hovering around the meaty stuff. She deliberately drools for the single cow in an episode.

1 Full House


A contract marriage is a nightmare for Han Ji Eun who lost her house to bratty prince of celebrities Lee Young Jae. she has to work as a maid in her own house while she had lived a messy life along. Love brew as they wrestle their unconventional contrast.

Han Ji Eun is quite familiar with the Nursery rhymes ” three bear song” and Lee young jae is an ace in picking her names likewise chicken, cuckoo, pressure cooker. Aww I love them so much.

He says ” Coldplay ” So he is used to cold

He asks for the extra sugar. Does he want to retaliate the taste of chocolate? I can’t wrap a pebble and give to him. It is not to be domed to crush within the taste buds. They are sensitive, tend to burnt while mushing the other tongues. So, he does not smile after kiss.

once we took a corner with tables and chair. we were on table and cups on the plastic wooden chair. hence, taints are not apprehensive towards plastics. But the bills were high on the messed up plastics. he was waiting outside, shades and those puffs, while I thinking about the plastic if it could choke that smoke out. He says visions are blurred till the smoke shakes on the way we are heading to.

on the fifth day, i am enough with the crap of yours. I would rather have a crab on dine. Why won’t you order it for us? I am sure that it do not have any tentacles to clutch us right there beneath the silver moon. We never talked, flew along the glasses. our glasses complained the other glasses. so, we live in a wooden house.

Winter nights and swollen Christmas. he is nailing the blanket on a snow. I got a hammer to pin that nail down the roots. That was the first time he laughed along me. He asked me to play his favorite songs.

call it magic

call it true

I call it magic

when I’m with you

and I just got broken

broken into two

still I call it magic

Suddenly he paused it, looked at the hammer and bawled if it could break me into two and call it magic. I changed the playlist

oh angel sent from up above

you know you make my world light up

When I was down, when I was Hurt

you came to lift me up

Now here is an act:

He blows the stairs into the uncountable. He falls off and cripples to the Terrace, looks up. I certainly knew the angels in his eyes. perhaps Snow could make up to the white angel. I am out of his door, loosening the nails of blanket. I am not used to cold like he is.

Travel Diaries; Chapter Two




Small stones are completely colored by the water while the giant stones are partially colored. sometimes, They ask the cloud whom do they prefer. So does, the clouds dissipate. They won’t have to respond that way.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd the giant ones arch its back on sun, drop its shadow to the water. They want every heap of clouds to notice them.


They grow old as the clouds gets immersed within the blues. So, we travel to say them “beautiful

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAww! these little champs always success to bash out my background story of that stones and clouds.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABranches had been so good to us, waving the dusk, alarming the home relief we must attain 



one for the champ!


two for the champ!


And we three on the roll. the fourth one is behind the camera!


We didn’t get to have fish on dinner that day , fishes were too smart to get trapped in that loophole basket..












Her frozen dreams

She often wish to swirl in Disney princess
The one, who awakes with Prince kisses 
dwarfs on buddies list 
who dwells on mystery of mist 

when,reality knocked the door
she didn’t have pennies left
a Cinderella dress to fit in
glasses gladiators to walk in
and a prince who’d wait till 12 moon

she could surely have poison apple
a gift from crazy huddle
but never a wandering prince to kiss
None saves life for priceless bliss
she doesn’t own a single coin
all she worth was a frozen dream


Travel Diaries


That winter relapsed in the clouds. we were trembling but the sights in the roll were still.


Finally sky was  blue again. Those trees danced in their favorite color.


Two champs, escorted what  Kogate is? (Kogate is the rural place located in Makwanpur District of Nepal)


They pointed out where we will be heading? guess guess!!


Do you see that torn out basket? he tried to trapped the little fishes for our dinner. Did we get to savor them?? Roll over the next chapter.

Firefighters couldn’t freeze my heart

you let my eyes locked
keys got hidden
would I lose my sight forever
if I leaned on yr shoulder
they said,
phenomenon of blind trust
is still I’m letting not burst

you winked
the moment halted
my stare converged on you
even pumping heart skipped a beat
they said,
I’m slipping
as if sliding the slope

Everything they derived
was theory scientifically proved
The symptoms I was revealing
and caution I kept on doubting

my heart was on fire
when he turned back holding hands with electric wire
yes their theory was true
rushing call for firefighter
water couldn’t extinguish
beats were vanished
anguish was gone
fleshed cardio that breathed in me
turnd ashes – all I could see

if only their theory didn’t bear limitations
firefighters could put out the flames
but they couldn’t freeze my heart
firefighters couldn’t freeze my heart……




Source: Commit

lean on your broads, shirts on sleeves

breathe the smoke, mounting on the walls

then, comes off the ceiling and

your laugh falls off

banging on the marbles

I’ll walk on my heels

sure, I trip over your sleeve

straight face I pull off on a chair with you

still, your smoke rolls off down

I lean on your broads




Drop your Gun!

On the corner, beheaded trunk I support

he kiss the trigger

bulletproof jackets,sorry I don’t have pennies left

Have you heard of naked pocket that i own?

a second and he will drill my brain

no leaves but his flower are spiky

once I was a captive for either of his petals or sepals

so, he axed my tree, a beheaded trunk I support

I wonder if he has a bullets

yesterday, the toast cracked on silent morning

Today, I emptied his bills on bullets

so, I still wonder if he knows he has bullets

drop your gun! Drop your gun! I smile as I say

you are holding on lifeless breathe I secured..




Glasses::huge one
where the liquor do not search for exit
and i can inhale intoxication
possibly a rare breathing that i inclined for
this way i can dodge a tramp ego
trespassed when i was feeding tender heart of mine

may be, Not a glasses of gigantic mouth
what if, it gulp the entire insobriety itself
for its own tale of non living breath
and a thwarted kiss to alluring lips
this way i cannot dodge a tramp ego
trespassed when i was feeding tender heart of mine


©2014 Aleashaa

Fell for a wrong man

On, the white lane
no horns could blow them
no, breeze could knock to set foot in
its a white lane
a white- dream chasing reality
his tie tucked up like a gentlemen
and his heart flipping downhill
the one that she gave him
slipped and drowned

she swigged in his mood swings
she took a sip of his scalding ignorance
then she slashed the purity
but treasured the chains most

and the stereo licensed
“if i had heart like him, i would never
fell for a wrong man”

©2015 Aleashaa


Tiptoe on the sharpness of cliff
she must had balded top of her head
her hands mechanized on titanic fetish
embracing the endangered fear of own
if only, she keened for a handshake
shying away from edge
That’s what the normal spoke

tiptoe on the sharpness of cliff
she fathomed out divorce between
the blue and muddy acres,
her hands dignified her as an only option
to vote for:

a glass on a raise
insobriety on pour down
gulped within
that’s what a normal do,
tiptoe on the sharpness of cliff

©2015 Aleashaa

Wonder woods, May Be

Be seated in the logs of conference
you being played on a B-side
plugs magnetized to static
how I’m supposed to save our playlist,
the backs, we both love
the breeze,we both breathe
and the trembling polar trees
raining out the old leaves

Be seated in the logs of conference
Am played on a A-side
plugs magnetized to woods
how I’m supposed to create our playlist
the north and south repel
the air seducing round woods,we captivate within
and the old leaves falls off
from your ripped jeans
my curls
as we walked on polars,,

would we ever..
Be seated in the logs of conference?
and the woods wonders and wanders….

©2014 Aleashaa

La La La

la la la

Down the meadow,dozing off
you dazzled
like a breeze drifting away clouds
for painting blue
i wonder, your eyelashes must had been this long
when you kissed..

your hands
with a iron veins,holding mine
your cushioned bosom,I could sob
everything that’s moving,dribble down my tears

your spiky hair, that’s actually soft
everything yours;
when on guard or in slumber
You make me hum la la la….

©September 2014 aleashaa 

I’m a naked pocket

I’m a Naked pocket,
how could I wish for pennies to live in
when it bided at fancy restaurant
but..he managed to trap its bareness
and the girl in disguise fell over
waited for a day
embellished with a needle and thread
he should love for what I’m
its a quote I often see
when I scroll the facebook wall
Finally, I’m with a premium guy penny
the one who boast the most
he mocked me for a poor dress up
I’m a naked pocket,what could I do else
I loved him for what he was
I loved his exaggerated dignity
and he offered me a condition to owe him
cause he is a pricey brat I’m in lv with
yes he is a pricey brat lending ours bill for pay
I’m a naked pocket, I could not tell him thrice
how would I tell him that
I need to be with u for a pocket to be fulled
he is a pricey brat,banged the table, left for my poverty
I’m still a naked pocket

©November 2014 aleashaa

Tastelessness Wedding

An anguish
like a bunch of inevitable bush
a cholesterol lying on heart
and its simple trot
drenching eyes with tear

once i tried
to wed tear with palate
around the feelings
taste buds priest went numb
as anguish appeared in bouquet
the one who sucked alkaline
dared to mark its presence

they vowed,
they kissed,
and tastelessness applauded

©2014 September Aleashaa


Chills and Goosebumps Part 2

The corner, where she resides, one wooden block to complete the triangle and she disappears.  There she is, embellished in muddy attire and her invisible gladiator. Visible ones never sneak the corner but are indulged in their own inaugurated marathon.  Protruding Belly manage to ask in growls amidst the chirping rock of insensitivity.

The corner, that support her spine and a one sided sweater in foggy dawn. Wooden block is the malware software installed by ignorant eyes. The triangle is incomplete. However, her hands conceal frozenness between bosom and upright legs.  She lifts her face high; the story yet to be told.

©November 2015 Aleashaa

Foody Love

I am turning on heat

lavishing pan with oil

cracking the ego

frying the sun and cloud

that made us sweat and wet

every time

they come for ramp in sky

veggies for embroidery

the green that suits you

adding a taste

we need in igniting our love

finally serving on plate

hope it would satisfy your palate

my Ome-love-tte

Half past midnight

I shouldn’t have watched those horror movies, while my gloves were on the scant of creepy nails. The closer my hands, nearer were the horrible graphics of Asian curse. If only I had nailcutter. I wish I could switch on the lights. I meant, if I could turn on my guts. Everything is holy scary till I won’t be able to summon morning rays.

Wait why my nails are bleaming? The creepy ones. Ah! I knew..I should stop enlightening my horror scraps. Otherwise, I would be jotting of cupid on the basement of betrayal. It’s only a jest

When He Fries My Heart

On a queue, I wonder if else drum the circulation

I could still love his prickling beard

Now the lane connects closer to the flames

Hence, the peak of my feet nail trips on him

He is on the pools of snow, while I shall bribe the sun

His smile butter me up on an oil

It taste numb yet too complete

It’s his hand stirring the selfless drools

I thought I’m breathing in soils of his arms

How does that ruins of skeleton trap carelessness?

I wished If I had disowned frying pan, oil and that flame.