He ate my heart

Blindfolded on his lies
he put a leash on
and again pulled me in his falsehood
I wagged my loyalty
dug down my heart, buried our love
it sang in every beat

I couldn’t lay a finger on him
not a small pinch of blame on him
still it sang in every beat
Because I was a knucklehead
who buried his lies deep

I couldn’t ask..
he knew the only proof
his circles of lies
my illusion of love
dwelt around the fleshy cardio
that sang in every beat
he fried my heart
on a oily words
and nibbled down his throat
he ate my heart

11 thoughts on “He ate my heart

      1. yes, and in some cases it expires quickly…i wrote a piece once(haven’t posted it here yet) that went something like: silence is golden unless you were expecting something different…

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