I’m a naked pocket

I’m a Naked pocket,
how could I wish for pennies to live in
when it bided at fancy restaurant
but..he managed to trap its bareness
and the girl in disguise fell over
waited for a day
embellished with a needle and thread
he should love for what I’m
its a quote I often see
when I scroll the facebook wall
Finally, I’m with a premium guy penny
the one who boast the most
he mocked me for a poor dress up
I’m a naked pocket,what could I do else
I loved him for what he was
I loved his exaggerated dignity
and he offered me a condition to owe him
cause he is a pricey brat I’m in lv with
yes he is a pricey brat lending ours bill for pay
I’m a naked pocket, I could not tell him thrice
how would I tell him that
I need to be with u for a pocket to be fulled
he is a pricey brat,banged the table, left for my poverty
I’m still a naked pocket

©November 2014 aleashaa

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