Cloudy sky throbs with a thunder and little he runs off to his mother. He stares his belly after its growl, compares with the thunder he is afraid of. His momma ain’t sure about his comparison. She is praying for leakage to b blocked within. Then the cloud burst its angers into the grounds till it satisfies the grudge. when the cloud savours the cotton candy with sun, she blames the gloomy cloud hitting on their only hut; he flies off letting the chains of weather break off. He rolls around, clockwise, anticlockwise coating entire self in brownies paste called chocolate. His belly doesn’t growl anymore.

7 thoughts on “CHOCOLATE

  1. Wow, this is a heartfelt tale… in just few words you captured my mind and took my heart to an awakening call as it channeled its sensitive aura towards thoughts on how we can help people with such difficulties in life. There are many in this world indeed. – Cezane

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      1. hahah, indeed, i could find a second meaning to this post which is really on a deep sentimental side of life.
        P.S i can’t find an about sec, on your blog..
        Just curious, is it India where your from ?:) – Cezane

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      2. Ohw, okay, i see. I have heard less of it from the News channels etc. Must be a beautiful and peaceful place i suppose, 🙂 – Cezane


      3. Hahahah :D, A definite visit should be in our bucket list which we hope to achieve some day! 🙂 – Cezane

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