I gazed, stared, everything I did look was usual plethora
You can’t accuse, if you want to,then stab on your aura 
yeah!! your aura driving the whole map of me, insane
Even ripping navigator, your poker face still travels in arcane

Christmas night, we interlocked fingers
yet, you refer holding hands cryptic
you lick your plate,till eyes pretend to be blind
and when they guards, you put your plate on mine
I never complained, did let your vault on shine

you did asked my soul to wait on freezing moon
Moon summoned sun, my patience lured with doom
to cling on you,I am an ace
if tears were colorful,you would notice




  1. This happens to fall one of my favourate posts so far in this Blogosphere! And i have to ask, did you write this by yourself? – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most of the people, I know ask me the same! If I had written by myself
      The answer is yes 🙂
      Thank you! You can play this as your favourite tune as long as your Will


      1. Hey Aleesha.. busy times? Gone quiet.
        Do you have an email dear? Facebook page? Looking for a way to get connected to you better and have a word about your Blog. – Cezane

        Liked by 1 person

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