Month: April 2017

I have been Hating Coldplay all this time

A strand of threads on that corner. my arms are weak or I had loved that canvas all along my breath. somehow I need to get rid of it. Last time I bought the best cleaning agent. yet, its drilled on Bermuda of walls, cannot be sought on glass power. That corner where I had been is occupied on something I despise the most- a strand of thread drawn by crawls. Likewise, the stains on his grins.

I got a hammer, breaking the top-notch edge. I’ll water my bed and doze off on the floor. I can see the two pokes on ceiling, laughing hard, I could breathe underneath pillows. Not his stains again;

When he goes to bed, he crank volume high on coldplay songs. he hums within me. a lullaby for my sleep. Now that two holes have peek insomnia, where I have my issues on sunken  glasses,where, I check a lock twice. I have been hating Coldplay all this time, being his gems, my appetite on his full.

Empty jolts

via Daily Prompt: Jolt

On 1 buck

Give me a thousand volts

They will stitch the portrait

On each brush you care

On 2 bucks

Let me borrow your stoned tongue

An antique silence play

They will pay a mockery clap

On each fall we jump

On three bucks

Let me feel your thousand volts again

I’ll close the curtain, peel lock on doors

They won’t reserve the seats

On empty jolts we act

Tards 3

I don’t own blanket
I left your cuddle at Tea fight
I’m frozen
you lost your refrigerator key
inside Blanket
I’m cold in here!


via Daily Prompt: Heal

A cut and it inflicts on summer maze
ripped out the ripples, yet a cent is in haze
I’ll look for an antiseptic he slayed
woo he grasped the medical term,I smiled
first I waited
second, breeze mocked on its idle patience
been a days, weeks, I lost his mark on my sense
did I have a cut? I missed the query
he ain’t here? I miss him the most
scars hesitated for the rental stay
yet, it booked a ballroom event
danced on the floor of cardio
and asked myself if it healed?