He says ” Coldplay ” So he is used to cold

He asks for the extra sugar. Does he want to retaliate the taste of chocolate? I can’t wrap a pebble and give to him. It is not to be domed to crush within the taste buds. They are sensitive, tend to burnt while mushing the other tongues. So, he does not smile after kiss.

once we took a corner with tables and chair. we were on table and cups on the plastic wooden chair. hence, taints are not apprehensive towards plastics. But the bills were high on the messed up plastics. he was waiting outside, shades and those puffs, while I thinking about the plastic if it could choke that smoke out. He says visions are blurred till the smoke shakes on the way we are heading to.

on the fifth day, i am enough with the crap of yours. I would rather have a crab on dine. Why won’t you order it for us? I am sure that it do not have any tentacles to clutch us right there beneath the silver moon. We never talked, flew along the glasses. our glasses complained the other glasses. so, we live in a wooden house.

Winter nights and swollen Christmas. he is nailing the blanket on a snow. I got a hammer to pin that nail down the roots. That was the first time he laughed along me. He asked me to play his favorite songs.

call it magic

call it true

I call it magic

when I’m with you

and I just got broken

broken into two

still I call it magic

Suddenly he paused it, looked at the hammer and bawled if it could break me into two and call it magic. I changed the playlist

oh angel sent from up above

you know you make my world light up

When I was down, when I was Hurt

you came to lift me up

Now here is an act:

He blows the stairs into the uncountable. He falls off and cripples to the Terrace, looks up. I certainly knew the angels in his eyes. perhaps Snow could make up to the white angel. I am out of his door, loosening the nails of blanket. I am not used to cold like he is.

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