7 Rom-Com Korean Drama to fill up this summer (for Beginners)

Once my friend handed me a CD of Korean Drama Full House and warned to return it after 7 days. It was of 16 episode. How can i finish it by the next week?

And overnight I watched 6 episodes consecutively. I was hooked. other day, I would finish all the chores detained to me and watch for the remaining.I wanted to affix the mysteries of web around each episodes.Drama Marathon completed within the three days but I had no intention to give back it immediately. Unfortunately, my intention were revealed and no other choice stood up for me. Poor aleashaa!

Here are the seven list of romantic comedy Kdramas for this summer. It was really hard for me to choose exceptionally best among the best. yeah! I believe that some of the dramas have missed the list.

P.S- I’m careful of spoilers 🙂


7. Baby Face Beauty


Lee so young has baby face as luck enhancer. No one would believe her actual age. The world is harsh. They only hire young ones. The plot unfolds as 34 year old lee so young bangs on the fashion industry with fake identity and fall for 7 year younger Choi jin wook.

They are inevitably cute from jabbering couple to the acceptance that kiss from 7 year younger guy is valid

6. Dream High

1soage (1).gif

Six dreamers end up getting admitted in the musical affiliated high school. They get entangled on their priorities, rivalries, inferiority intertwined between the amusing feelings.

You will never get to know the lead actor hitting the success bash of love till the final episode. Get yourself busy on guessing whom the rude girl may end up.

5. The Greatest love


Entertainment Industry are literally pro in directing the fake love stories among celebs.  Dok ko jin, a renowned action star of Korea falls helplessly for infamous girl group member Gu Ae jung.

I am completely in awe of Dok Ko Jin. He savors the potatoes, struck with the line Ding dong, herbal tonic infected panty, and amusingly annoying signature on hand of Gu Ae jung and her scarf.  Watch out his hilarious act

4. A Gentlemen’s Dignity


Four Men relish their friendship even in their forties. Age is just a number and they are not matured yet. They get stumble on their love life, crushed within the one sided love of Kim Do Jin; Baited life of Choi Yoon; Im Tae San dealing with his difficult girlfriend and binding trust issues between lee Jung Rok and his affluent wife.

You will unravel their friendship throughout the teens, how they stood for each other in good and bad times.

3. Jealousy Incarnate

1soaw8 (1).gif

What happens when a long term crush do not deviate those crush back all those years? In addition, that crush of Pyo Na Ri is an arrogant brat. On that surplus again, lee Hwa Shin who is an arrogant brat has his best friend Go Jung Won romantically interested in Pyo Na Ri. This changes the entire scenario of the crush feeling getting crushed.

Hoot for either self conceited Hwa Shin or the Perfect guy Jung Won. Jealousy is on its own way.

 2. My girlfriend is a Gumiho


Rumor has it; Gumiho aka nine tailed fox resides as a parasite in Human liver. Is it true? On 21st century, she is mostly fond of beef, chicken and fizzy soda, while Cha Dae Woong has guarded his human body in mentally metal suit. Mi ho and Dae Woong travels along the mythical journey of love.

“Hoi Hoi” This technical line started the companionship between two of them. Our Mi ho is unprecedentedly  attracting as a fox, hovering around the meaty stuff. She deliberately drools for the single cow in an episode.

1 Full House


A contract marriage is a nightmare for Han Ji Eun who lost her house to bratty prince of celebrities Lee Young Jae. she has to work as a maid in her own house while she had lived a messy life along. Love brew as they wrestle their unconventional contrast.

Han Ji Eun is quite familiar with the Nursery rhymes ” three bear song” and Lee young jae is an ace in picking her names likewise chicken, cuckoo, pressure cooker. Aww I love them so much.

13 thoughts on “7 Rom-Com Korean Drama to fill up this summer (for Beginners)

    1. yea! they are good. try them you’ll love them.
      But.. it depends on person. I have seen a lot of guys who donot like to watch them as we Kdrama lovers do.


      1. Lol, I would not watch, (my cousins gave me to watch Zindagi gulzar h. In this summer. This is my first ever serial that I watched full.) lol. I recommend u should not watch it,only my suggestion. I suggest my cousins too.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. There’s a show on Netflix called the Ice Palace or something like that. I believe it’s Japanese, but it’s pretty good. It’s more of a fantasy type show with mermaids and warriors and such.

    -Luna 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad to find kdrama lovers like you.
      still I had other kdrama in a list too with a different genre; Descendant of the sun, Good doctor, city hunter, Autumn in my Heart, Nice guy, Oh my Ghostess, That winter the wind blows, Queen in hyun’s man and many more. Do these list are in your favors too?

      Liked by 1 person

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