Foreign Movies on bling

Have you ever paused your remote on movies of different aura? They have been a different faces, we do not note in our locals. So, they speak different. We do not understand. Those English subbed bold letters deviate their moves, dialect and diversities. I a kind of drawn to indifferent culture on-screen.

And I’m still careful with spoilers 🙂

Pedar ( An Iranian Movie)

Genre: Drama


A fourteen year boy is in trouble to accept his stepfather. However, the desert vows to end an obvious hate feelings of a boy towards his pedar (father).

An Iranian movie capture the artistic challenges to the heart. They are nonchalantly beautiful.

Issiz Adam (Turkish Movie:Alone)

Genre: Romance, Drama


Opposite attracts. Alper and Ada are enchantingly in love. Alper, a free-spirited guy feels himself chained in commitment.

It is a realistically whined movie beyond sacrifices, an anguish and mutual agreement that exist between beloved ones.

Machuca (Chilean movie)



Friendship between the two boys is experimented throughout the political fluctuation and class disparity.

Watch out this movie for innocence of the two boys being driven by political turbulence; how the affluent clothes proves the high-class and low-class among society.

The bicycle Thief ( Italian Movie)

Genre: Drama, Slice of life


A simplicity touches the heart. A complexities ploys with the mind.

It’s an black and white movie that pictures the fight of a poor father to secure his poor family through the Bicycle job. Unfortunately, it gets stolen amidst the cruel society. His son Bruno fidgets within the powerless father among the crowd.



Priceless (French Movie)

Genre: Romance


When you don’t have pennies left, seduce a well-off partners. In short, be a gold digger.

Priceless plots the two main character without any cent in their pockets and love fleeing and staying at their knees despite the gold they had dug.



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