My anime love; Chapter 1

At the age of nine I had a schedule for Powerpuff girls, Dexter’s labaratory, Johnny bravo like a Boss.

Somehow, I plunged in for Dragon Balls. I would finish my homework and wait for it. ( well, I was a good student). I dreamed of accompanying Goku to fetch for seven dragon balls.

download (1)

Until then, I didn’t knew what an anime meant. But I patrolled my cartoon elements and anime vibes very differently. I knew they were different.



Baka and test is my first subbed anime. Its hilarious and adorable at the same time. How can one be the ultimate baka ( an Idiot )  15078332d34326a940fa6842b422f705--baka-and-test-anime-manga.jpgWhen he has only the half of the pennies, he demand to purchase the same half  

of the blue stuffed toy. 

No wonders why, an imagination ceases when attack on titan brings up an action. A giant figure disfiguring and gulping down the human creatures. That’s not fair

download (2)

perhaps, Captain levi is on his way  images (2).jpg

A normal romance is like:


An anime reverse its magnet and showcase a complex romance, making it a lovely complex. tkfleipdq2vjjoyo2slvdvb65gx3na3f_hq.jpg

Otani struggles inferiority complex of height differences with his tall girlfriend. Riza successfully consoles him that they are no better without each other.


Tokyo Ghoul  is an extremities of human horror. Kaneki was upright about compliance of ghoul parasite in humans. When both creatures have extreme desire on their existence, he can neither blame on both.



Even ghouls are super hot.

Before bidding goodbye my otaku! I have something to tell you about my anime crush. Do you wanna have a look at him. Wait.

well, don’t wait!


Name him below the comment box.

In real, these guys would be dreadful. Image a guy with colored hair and big eyes. so unreal but we still love them to the core.





11 thoughts on “My anime love; Chapter 1

    1. I’m still glad to have your views on it though You have not tasted it yet. For beginners, I can recommend to watch a lovely complex. Its funny. Go for a sub as you can totally relate to the characters with their voice. (rather than dub). And for others, feel free to tap me, I can make you an anime lover too.

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    1. Oggy and cockroaches is also my favorite with the dubs of Shahrukh khan, Sunny Deol, Paresh Rawal.They are funny as hell. Try A of might be fond of them


  1. Found your blog through your comment on the community pool! This takes me back to my childhood! I remember always watching Dragon Ball Z in the Philippines growing up. Sadly, with my move to the US came a disconnect with anime due to limited availability… or I just didn’t know which channels to look to. Because of the disconnect, I fell out of touch with anime. I kinda wanna get back into it, but i honestly don’t even know where to start!

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    1. No worries, somehow, we can revive the childhood from Anime. If you are into action genre like Dragon Ball Z, you can start with Attack on Titan. The plot is pretty peculiar.
      Talking about the channel, Animax made me hooked into anime again with Baka and test. you can always depend on internet if Animax is not subscribed as your tv channel. Kiss Anime is a site where you can find loads of anime in terms of genre you want to watch.
      Hope you can connect with the anime this way and inform me if you had done it. 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the tips! I’ll be trying them out once I’m back in the US cause internet here in the Philippines is way too slow

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