You look like your dad; 2

you look like your dad: 1

My dad must have been bad” he slams his word and the door shut down. She takes a corner and rest in it.

He walks down the lane of an old man tale where he can find a clue of his old hag coat. An old man is in awe of smoke. The breeze softens and he whims ” Go away! I can’t tell you more. Damn! I can’t have a sight of you.”

Because I do paste around his face” He literally shivers on his knees.” you don’t know him and you can’t dare to blame me that i look like him“. he reddens and blues to the scream.

“You are a brat, aren’t you? I have a dare to announce that you look like your dad. I can make tales and whip that around thousand houses you have not known off. Shoo! Shoo! Bratty limp” He is in awe of smoke again.

He balls his hand and runs off to the playground. ” I am in a wrong place. They won’t let me off because I have none with me. My mom is with her nails and my Father- I don’t know?”

He looks at theย Carousel (Daily prompt)ย 

Do you want a ride kiddo? TICKET??”

He cloaks his tongue

I loathe my job, Okay! whom are you with?”

my dad”

“so, where is he”

He points at himself “They say I do resemble my father, Can’t I be a Dad for myself ?”

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