He is on a tree side.

I wake up in between the woods.  You are on the tree side. I think I ate half of the greens. Why I am on the woods who have stopped wearing green clothes? Do the woods response?

I need something that covers above my head. May be a roof tiled squarely, infinitely. But you are on a tree side. I know you would say ” On your birthday, I purposely didn’t piled up a cream and left the unfinished recipe out there. They said it was going to snow fall. I would love that snowy cream there”

But it was my birthday”  I ate flour, egg and sugar that day while he waited for the sky.

And when it rains, it will shower us. I am having thoughts like you do.

We left our house because he decided to breathe in the natural canvas. In short, he is on the tree side. we were bare hand but he carried those woods along his way.

do you know? why I brought these woods?

I waved my head side to side

Pluck those bushes off, I’ll make a tree for us. This wood and those bushes, I’ll clip it together”

you are trying to confiscate their homeland for stupid man made tree. can I even call it a tree? Are you even on a tree side?”



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