Travel Diaries: Chapter 3

Winter charms had been hitting at the Kathmandu. So, we graced something warm across the hill of Jorpati, Krishna Mandir (Temple), only one of us had heard of.  The faint sunlight followed us on the graveled roads along the Gothatar. And the edges drew the lines of houses when we drove toward the destination.

As per the instruction of pedestrian, we led to the holy grail of Krishna, eventually. It’s where he dwells in tranquility. So exquisite and enthralling at the same time.


When the halo of beauty coincides the ancient tales, the duo retains cultural doctrines among the devotees. 


If the dark shade invades in, we are gearing our luminescence, in case. (PS: Taking photographs inside the temple is prohibited)


I am a chocolate dipped in the illustrator’s hemisphere. Their pupils dilate, as I boast my embroideries here. ” It does suit me, doesn’t it?” I ask them every time. 

Picture Credit: Someone who secures his grin all the time after pulling my leg and is familiar with the sense of photography than me.


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