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Lantern, Glasses, Shoe

via Daily Prompt: Distant

On a dark side, I’ll leave my shoe and walk barefoot. lantern asked me to borrow a shoe I have been lisping off. I’m always served to put out the glasses it heads in. it says that glasses are the remnant of what it had lost in shades. it only remember the tales of dark shades, I loathe.

when it tries on my shoes, it wanders and ask everyone around. It dances around. I wonder how the other audiences  greet the shoe that I have left marks on. They grin. A second and it poof to the woods. As I try to chase, Glasses that he talks about roars on my feet.  (more…)

I have been Hating Coldplay all this time

A strand of threads on that corner. my arms are weak or I had loved that canvas all along my breath. somehow I need to get rid of it. Last time I bought the best cleaning agent. yet, its drilled on Bermuda of walls, cannot be sought on glass power. That corner where I had been is occupied on something I despise the most- a strand of thread drawn by crawls. Likewise, the stains on his grins.

I got a hammer, breaking the top-notch edge. I’ll water my bed and doze off on the floor. I can see the two pokes on ceiling, laughing hard, I could breathe underneath pillows. Not his stains again;

When he goes to bed, he crank volume high on coldplay songs. he hums within me. a lullaby for my sleep. Now that two holes have peek insomnia, where I have my issues on sunken  glasses,where, I check a lock twice. I have been hating Coldplay all this time, being his gems, my appetite on his full.

Chills and Goosebumps Part 1

The soft cotton grew darker and left a horrible muddy taste after downpour.  Why a mud would pretend to be a shoe to fit in for a naked feet. However it successfully does! Drops, that attempted freefall, settle within. When it realizes shabby clothes where they were sheltered, “Eww” one of them disgust, and fall off to bake slush. Yep! They deserve, but Clients are not in awe of such baking outcomes.

And the sky drools over its favorite cotton candy. Wannabe shoes are out of theatre, cracking up the act they put on. Shabby clothes are shabby again with a ray caressing the bruises .The same bruises that peep through and pray for downpour to accept them.