You look like your Dad 4

His slanted eyes piercing into my new saggy coat, unlike your dad’s old hag coat” she prickled beneath his eyes “ those eyes, why do you have to inherit those eyes” she crippled into her tears.

He never thought the sight of his eyes being sliding down beneath her mother’s eye.  He took a circular mirror “ do my eyes resemble my dad?” He could see those eyes sloping down a hill like he used to.

He mended up the flesh of the side ” Oh! its perfect

She was still crippling  on her nails and tears. So, he couldn’t pat on her back.

He packed back that fish into his trouser and ran back to straight lane. “ I should not take that sloping hills“. He stopped at a friends door and knocked it. As soon as he heard the noises made by latches he breathed in a voice ” Take this fish and give me your tape

“What for?”

“I must not look like my dad”

“Huh? I can’t understand a thing. Anyways, this fish might serve our dine.”

He gave in the fish and ringed in the tape. He widened his grin, cutting off the length of tape and sticking upwardly each on side of eyes. His friend bombarded ingested air into his face ” wh-at have you done?

“It does not matter how do I look but I must not look like my Dad.”



You look like your Dad 3

My father must have been too old to get on the carousel.” He blabbered throughout the way. He picked up the pebbles on his shirt and on the open side of his trousers. ” I must make that old hag coat heavier so that Mom wouldn’t have any strength to dash it out. If I look like my dad, I must protect it” 

He stopped at a sight where a man was standing between two buckets. ” If I could borrow that buckets, my old hag coat is rescued”  A Man on his beard was setting a trap with a thousands of knots and the bucket was an end zone for the breathless fishes. “ oh! the little guy, do want these salvation on your hunger, pay me a bucks then

What is a bucks? Is it another form of buckets, where the fishes have been killed?”

“A bucks where a greed drools, a paper made bucks! Are you hiding there oh boy?”

That one!” he screamed “ the one my friend brags about” He emptied his pocket and the pebbles showered out. “ I don’t even owe a cent. I am in need of that bucket. Two full buckets of pebbles and my mom would not get rid off of old hag coat”

” bucket, an old hag coat, mom” his beard stammered. ” Take a fish instead, boy”

He locked in that fish inside his pocket and ran off to the door, he slammed before.

she loves grilled fish. my dad used to bring grilled fishes for dinner. my nanny told me

Mom! look what have I brought?” he raised the breathless fish higher and banged on the delicate roof.

She grinned and came closer to his son “ Choke me with a raw fish, will you?

“I am gonna grill it mom, you will love it”

” you are Continuing (Daily Post) to look like your dad”

MOM! stop it. I’m tired of hearing the same words” he hiccuped his tears into the floor.

Those same non guilty eyes I loathe the most” her nails prickled beneath his eyes