You look like your Dad 3

My father must have been too old to get on the carousel.” He blabbered throughout the way. He picked up the pebbles on his shirt and on the open side of his trousers. ” I must make that old hag coat heavier so that Mom wouldn’t have any strength to dash it out. If I look like my dad, I must protect it” 

He stopped at a sight where a man was standing between two buckets. ” If I could borrow that buckets, my old hag coat is rescued”  A Man on his beard was setting a trap with a thousands of knots and the bucket was an end zone for the breathless fishes. “ oh! the little guy, do want these salvation on your hunger, pay me a bucks then

What is a bucks? Is it another form of buckets, where the fishes have been killed?”

“A bucks where a greed drools, a paper made bucks! Are you hiding there oh boy?”

That one!” he screamed “ the one my friend brags about” He emptied his pocket and the pebbles showered out. “ I don’t even owe a cent. I am in need of that bucket. Two full buckets of pebbles and my mom would not get rid off of old hag coat”

” bucket, an old hag coat, mom” his beard stammered. ” Take a fish instead, boy”

He locked in that fish inside his pocket and ran off to the door, he slammed before.

she loves grilled fish. my dad used to bring grilled fishes for dinner. my nanny told me

Mom! look what have I brought?” he raised the breathless fish higher and banged on the delicate roof.

She grinned and came closer to his son “ Choke me with a raw fish, will you?

“I am gonna grill it mom, you will love it”

” you are Continuing (Daily Post) to look like your dad”

MOM! stop it. I’m tired of hearing the same words” he hiccuped his tears into the floor.

Those same non guilty eyes I loathe the most” her nails prickled beneath his eyes






You look like your dad; 2

you look like your dad: 1

My dad must have been bad” he slams his word and the door shut down. She takes a corner and rest in it.

He walks down the lane of an old man tale where he can find a clue of his old hag coat. An old man is in awe of smoke. The breeze softens and he whims ” Go away! I can’t tell you more. Damn! I can’t have a sight of you.”

Because I do paste around his face” He literally shivers on his knees.” you don’t know him and you can’t dare to blame me that i look like him“. he reddens and blues to the scream.

“You are a brat, aren’t you? I have a dare to announce that you look like your dad. I can make tales and whip that around thousand houses you have not known off. Shoo! Shoo! Bratty limp” He is in awe of smoke again.

He balls his hand and runs off to the playground. ” I am in a wrong place. They won’t let me off because I have none with me. My mom is with her nails and my Father- I don’t know?”

He looks at the Carousel (Daily prompt) 

Do you want a ride kiddo? TICKET??”

He cloaks his tongue

I loathe my job, Okay! whom are you with?”

my dad”

“so, where is he”

He points at himself “They say I do resemble my father, Can’t I be a Dad for myself ?”

You look like your Dad

Mom! That old hag coat is protruding. Have you seen that?

Mom! Mamma! Mamma! Mom!” He lets out a big sigh

“Why do you resemble your Father” She adds another sigh and the entire house dance on the silence. She taps on the wooden floor, pokes the pocket of old hag coat.“Nothing” Temporary air escape immediately as it has been caught for trespassing.

“I thought you had choked the money on there. I was dreaming to be served at that fancy restaurant my friend brag about” He cries out the ceiling. ” Why don’t you clutch me and choke me to the death” She paints the wood with her nails

“I don’t have nail like yours” he watches the wood.

Borrow mine”

“Is that Possible?

Mom! Let me grow my nails each months passes by. I’ll stitch the cents in there, on my nails and nudge that pocket with it. So, don’t throw my old hag. If I look like him, why don’t you owe me like you should. You loved Dad. Nanny told me

“Because, You look like your Dad” She rolled as tears on the peak of her nose

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Bottom to Top; I’m yours?

On that cloudy shower, you stuck lad

your shoe fell in love while your foot claps with mud

barefooted guy on a lane that’s never straight

I’m on the edge of  jeans, please fall for me at the first sight


wooden bench, there you go

are you setting a date on umbrella tree

I need to suspend and roll over sitting knees

if he stands, I am dead spat on the brownies

Whoa! I must have incarnated as Olympic ace

now I’m lodging on your broad grace

I sniff on your grimace wrapped up in a hair

sweat perpendicular to the drops of rain

resembles a hiding cave at uninviting mass

Can I blow my breeze to shine you up?

Do not stood me up, I’ll fall mercilessly


oh! my back hurts.

and he has gone

swirling from bottom to top

I’m yours?

Everybody doubt that

because I am a Pest ( Daily prompt)












Lantern, Glasses, Shoe

via Daily Prompt: Distant

On a dark side, I’ll leave my shoe and walk barefoot. lantern asked me to borrow a shoe I have been lisping off. I’m always served to put out the glasses it heads in. it says that glasses are the remnant of what it had lost in shades. it only remember the tales of dark shades, I loathe.

when it tries on my shoes, it wanders and ask everyone around. It dances around. I wonder how the other audiences  greet the shoe that I have left marks on. They grin. A second and it poof to the woods. As I try to chase, Glasses that he talks about roars on my feet.  Continue reading “Lantern, Glasses, Shoe”


via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

a bulb

i cant blow away

it doesn’t even fling like you do

a lighter

i can make some noise

it stumbles on the feet like I do

a candle

we will melt our room to the roads

where we can stray

I’ll cream the ice

you will wine on dine

we’ll shine like dime

but you got your house

I got my room

we’ll rarely see the moon

on that tainted glasses

meows do stray

you got an ashtray