I nodded within his warmth

I walk fast” He stroked and striped his long legs on each small partition of pavement. “so, walk with me” he gazed at me. oh! I must run like National athlete. I ran with him. I must have lost our keys while hopping along him. our house were against us. We slept at the basement that night.

I can’t sleep“He flipped the pages of walls again and again. So, we stalked the cockroaches that night. “I tried licensing for the cannon to shoot out their dynasty” I sniped at his back. His chuckling vibrated in the spine. I wish I could see his face. I am used to his cold beard.

Finally,  I saw his beard hung down and his lips divorced within the vacant hallow. He hid me in his sweaty chest and bated;

I’ll earn a ton and gift you a cannon. Kill all those cockroaches for me

 I nodded within his warmth.