Peeling a Potato

A potato on four axes does its morning push ups. I am keen to chop off the vertex and make it into octagon. Now I need to seize the geometry box of my brother. This way I can divide the equal radius through compass. Hence a diameter shines off from not even a squared potato and not even a octagon sized potato.

A small circular potato rolls off in the chopping board. Perhaps my family had boasted my culinary skills. They would be happy to see a perfectly circled potato. let those remaining ones are ignored.

A singular circular potato. I wonder if it serves the number of family at dine. I still wonder how would J shaped stomach rents out that potato I have slashed in circle?

9:00 pm

I am blunt dead with a one circled potato still in front of chopping board

I know they will peel me off for vacant dine I chopped off