You look like your Dad

Mom! That old hag coat is protruding. Have you seen that?

Mom! Mamma! Mamma! Mom!” He lets out a big sigh

“Why do you resemble your Father” She adds another sigh and the entire house dance on the silence. She taps on the wooden floor, pokes the pocket of old hag coat.“Nothing” Temporary air escape immediately as it has been caught for trespassing.

“I thought you had choked the money on there. I was dreaming to be served at that fancy restaurant my friend brag about” He cries out the ceiling. ” Why don’t you clutch me and choke me to the death” She paints the wood with her nails

“I don’t have nail like yours” he watches the wood.

Borrow mine”

“Is that Possible?

Mom! Let me grow my nails each months passes by. I’ll stitch the cents in there, on my nails and nudge that pocket with it. So, don’t throw my old hag. If I look like him, why don’t you owe me like you should. You loved Dad. Nanny told me

“Because, You look like your Dad” She rolled as tears on the peak of her nose

Substandard; Daily Prompt









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